[EZ-LDH] 10-Phenyltriazoyl Artemisinin is a Novel P-glycoprotein Inhibitor that Suppresses the Overexpression and Function of P-glycoprotein

2019.07.19 10:03 3,914 0



Background: The effect of drugs on ATP-binding cassette transporters, especially permeabilityglycoprotein (P-gp), is an important consideration during new anti-cancer drug development. 

Objective: In this context, the effects of a newly synthesized artemisinin derivative, 10-(4-phenyl-1H-1,2,3- triazol)-artemisinin (5a), were evaluated on P-gp expression and function. 

Methods: Reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction and immunoblotting techniques were used to determine the effect of 5a on P-gp expression in LS174T cells. In addition, the ability of 5a to work as either a substrate or an inhibitor of P-gp was investigated through different methods. 

Results: The results revealed that 5a acts as a novel P-gp inhibitor that dually suppresses the overexpression and function of P-glycoprotein. Co-treatment of LS174T cell line, human colon adenocarcinoma cell line, with 5a and paclitaxel recovered the anticancer effect of paclitaxel by controlling the acquired drug resistance pathway. The overexpression of P-gp induced by rifampin and paclitaxel in a colorectal cell line was suppressed by 5a which could be a novel inhibitory substrate inhibiting the transport of paclitaxel by P-gp. 

Conclusion: The results revealed that 5a can be classified as a type B P-gp inhibitor (with both substrate and inhibitor activities) with an additional function of suppressing P-gp overexpression. The results might be clinically useful in the development of anticancer drugs against cancers with multidrug resistance.

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