[EZ-Western serise] Attenuation of STAT3 Signaling Cascade by Daidzin Can Enhance the Apoptotic Potential of Bortezomib against Multiple Myeloma

2020.08.31 14:20 1,829 0



Daidzin (DDZ) extracted from Pueraria lobate (Fabaceae) is a widely known phytoestrogen. DDZ can display anti-cancer activities against breast and prostate cancers, but its anti-oncogenic actions in multiple myeloma (MM) cells have not been studied. The signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) can control key processes including proliferation, differentiation, and survival in MM cells. Here, we noted that DDZ abrogated STAT3 activation (both constitutive as well as inducible) at Tyr705 and Ser727 in MM cells. Additionally, DDZ mitigated the phosphorylation of STAT3 upstream Janus-activated kinases (JAK1/2) and c-Src kinases. Pervanadate (tyrosine phosphatase blocker) exposure altered the DDZ-induced inhibition of STAT3 activation, thus affecting the action of this phytoestrogen on apoptosis. Moreover, DDZ impeded proliferation and augmented the apoptotic effects of bortezomib (Bor) in MM cells. Overall, the data indicate that DDZ may act as a potent suppressor of STAT3 signaling cascade, and the co-treatment of DDZ and Bor could be a promising therapeutic strategy, specifically in MM

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